9 October 2014

Trends '14// Fabulous and Freaky in Fur

A classic Fall/Winter look, is fur. Real or faux, it's a classic, worn by generations of women before us, sauntering around town a regal fashion must-have. For the last few decades, fur has lost it's appeal and designers have constantly been attempting to, this year by introducing it to us in the form of bold and creative designs.
The popular designs range from the bold coloured coats at Prada, Altuzarra and Libertine (which will certainly be adding a major colour injection into your Autumn/Winter wardrobe this year) to the more demure looks of Custo Barcelona and VFiles- Hyein Seo.

Altuzarra, Custo Barcelona, Libertine Autumn/Winter 2014/15.
Custo Barcelona, Prada, Altuzarra Autumn/Winter 2014/15.

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