13 October 2014

5 Best Primers for Oily Skin

As an victim of oily skin, I face multiple problems when it comes to wearing foundation, eventually ending up with my makeup sliding off my face. Although I've not been wearing makeup for donkey's years, I have tried and tested what feels like hundreds of primers and compiled it into a list of the five best that have kept my makeup glued to my face and that hopefully will do the same for others.

Rimmel Stay Matte Primer

This is the primer I currently use and is the best I've found so far, the price and the actual product have been lifesavers, no more shiny nose and blotting! I usually apply after washing my face and moisturising before waiting for it too dry and then applying my makeup. it retails for around £5.99 depending where you go and lasts for ages as only a small amount is needed, 100% recommend!

Mac Prep + Primer Primer

Although not the cheapest primer it is definetley one of the best I've tried. No blotting needed and no oiliness occured however after using for around a month my skin was dryer than usual so a good moisturiser and this primer make a perfect combination!

L'oreal Paris Lumi Magique Primer


I bought this as it was part if a 3for2 offer in my local drugstore and I don't regret. It worked well on my skin however did not dry very quickly on my skin taking around  10 minutes before I felt confident in applying my makeup. A few blotting/touch ups were needed on my most oily areas, but nothing major. Would be great for people who don't have extremely oily skin like myself.

Too Faced Primed and Poreless

If this hadn't been hard to get ahold of and cheaper in price this would be my go too primer. The creamy texture of the primer resembles a moisturiser and even improved my skin whilst keeping my makeup glued to my face all day, highly recommend to those who can get ahold of this.

Bourjois Happy Light Luminous Primer

This primer is definetley one of the best that can be found in a drugstore. The texture is light but moisturising and kept my makeup on all day with only a tiny amount of shinyness on my nose that could be fixed with some powder, overall a good primer that isn't too cheap but not extortionately priced either.

I really hope this helps people find the primer if there dreams!

Love, Hollie xo

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